Hearth Song

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Hearth Song

Home In The Hills, #1

This lovely book will make your heart warm. It's just a wonderful story.

We have Vura Lambert as a strong woman and is torn between her husband and Tonk Redhawk. Since her husband, Dane left for the mining fields in North Dakota, Vura hasn't seen him until he shows up out of the blue. What does he want? He is the father of her five year old daughter and her husband, but she's not thrilled to see him. Dane has left his mining job and is now job hunting, or so he says. Vura has this gnawing feeling in her that something is going on.

Vura’s father and grandfather have been life savers by helping with her daughter, Lily. After years of mental abuse, Vura's self-esteem is very low. She's a hard worker who would rather wear jeans than heels. Dane likes his women to be feminine so she tries. Vura is a successful business women and a great mom to Lily. Dane coming back hasn't helped. She has lost all confidence and self-esteem she once had. She no longer stands up for what she believes. She lets Dane call all the shots. There's something to be said for trying to make your marriage work, but it's a two way street. Looks to me like it's a one way street and Vura is the only one trying. Is Dane going to change and work on the marriage? Will he become the old Dane that she married? Will Vura put aside her doubts and try to keep it together for her autistic daughter's sake?

Then we have Tonk who works hard to face the demons of his past. He's the opposite of Dane and Vura knows it. Tonk is quiet, strong and sees things others pass by. He's helpful and caring. I want Vura to get it together and ditch that husband of hers and perhaps, go for Tonk. I wish Tonk had had more exposure in the book. It seemed as though he was on the sidelines most of the time.

Will Vura stand up and get away from Dane and his way of charming her? Brace yourself, the ending will be a surprise. The book is fast paced in some places and very slow in places, especially with Dane and his evil ways. The book is well written with characters that you can get fed up with and those you'll admire. Somewhat like life.

Book Blurb for Hearth Song

Bravura Lambert has a daughter to raise, a tumbledown house to restore, and a struggling business to run. She doesn't have time to cry over a husband who only shows up when he needs money. She also doesn't need Tonk Redhawk, a Native American artist and wild horse jockey, interfering in her life. So what if he's charming and helpful and makes her autistic five-year-old giggle until she can't stand up? Bravura's husband, Dane, was once all those things too.

When Dane returns to find Tonk's horses in Bravura's pasture and his tools in her shed, he insists on moving back home. Despite his faults, Bravura longs to make her marriage work--after all, she took a vow. But then Dane does the unthinkable, forcing Bravura to finally face the truth about her choices--and about how deeply Tonk cares for her. Once she opens her eyes, she just may be able to open her heart. . .

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.00