Frontier Grit

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Frontier Grit

The Unlikely True Stories of Daring Pioneer Women

Twelve brave women, caring and with such big hearts and souls, faced odds beyond belief to settle the "wild west". These women were from all parts of the world, all different, and yet all the same in some ways. Their lives were anything but easy and as women in those days, they were not recognized as people who could follow their hearts, their dreams and beliefs. Men were the ones who did that. These women went against all the barriers and overcame. Sure, they struggled, fought, gave everything they had and then some, but they bravely and courageously did so. They all had so much to give and give they did.

The author lets you look into the lives of these 12 women and their struggles, defeats and accomplishments.Each story will have a picture to go with it in the released version.I took one look at the cover and immediately had to read this book. I didn't stop until I had finished.As the reader, you get to follow the lives of:

Nellie Cashman, a nurse, gold prospector

Aunt Clara Brown: community leader who was at once a slave

Abigail Scott Dunway: an Oregon suffragette

Charley Parkhurst: The most celebrated stagecoach driver in the West and more.

This book is an inspiration to all the women who have their dreams and against all odds can follow and achieve them.

Book Blurb for Frontier Grit

Discover the stories of twelve women who heard the call to settle the west and who came from all points of the globe to begin their journey. As a slave, Clara watched helpless as her husband and children were sold, only to be reunited with her youngest daughter, as a free woman, six decades later. As a young girl, Charlotte hid her gender to escape a life of poverty and became the greatest stagecoach driver that ever lived. As a Native American, Gertrude fought to give her people a voice and to educate leaders about the ways and importance of America s native people.

These are gripping miniature dramas of good-hearted women, selfless providers, courageous immigrants and migrants, and women with skills too innumerable to list. Many were crusaders for social justice and women s rights. All endured hardships, overcame obstacles, broke barriers, and changed the world.

The author ties the stories of these pioneer women to the experiences of women today with the hope that they will be inspired to live boldly and bravely and to fill their own lives with vision, faith, and fortitude. To live with grit.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 5.00