Freedom's Price

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Freedom's Price

Keys of Promise Book #3


If you like reads that make you feel a bit faint, then the author has given you just that in “Freedom's Price”. The setting is 1856. Catherine Haynes has lost two of the basics in her life. She has lost not only her father but her home. She now has nothing left. So she decided to, with the help of Tom Worthington to go in search of family in Louisiana. This is her mother's family. The family has a plantation and what she finds when she gets to America is devastating. The family is gone and the plantation has been left in almost ruins. There was a manager of sorts but what has he been doing? Tom is a very good looking man whose lively-hood is finding wrecked ships, but he has another mission and that is finding the man who took his father's ship and caused his death. He's in search of justice.

She now doesn't know whether she should go back to Key West or start working, working hard at getting the plantation back to par. With the help of Tom they start repairing. The restoring of the plantation isn't all that has Catherine occupied. Now she finds there is something sinister going on. Her inheritance is at stake. What will she do? As always secrets don't stay hidden. They always come out in the day light. This is what has happened. An astonishing secret has emerged. Will Catherine keep her inheritance with the help of Tom, or will everything be lost?

The author gives the reader so much that there isn't time to tire of reading this book. From page one you will be totally engrossed in the story. You want Tom and Catherine to find their dreams, to have things put right. You also hope for a romance between Tom and Catherine. They both deserve happiness, to let the past be put aside and find happiness in the here and now.

The author writes a sad tale but will the ending be a happy one? As we all know, there is a price to pay for freedom. But will that price be too much for Catherine and Tom?

The story flows well and the characters are people you would have liked to know back then. The descriptions of not only the characters but the scenes make you think of the grand plantations we've all seen in pictures.

The author gives the characters real life decisions that must be made. They can't be put on the back burner.

I also liked the way the author put faith to work. Catherine and Tom will have to rely on that faith to keep them going. Will this plantation ever be that way again? You just hope so. You want Catherine and Tom to have a good solid relationship with some romance. They just seem to belong together.

Book Blurb for Freedom's Price

When Englishwoman Catherine Haynes loses both her parents and her home in 1856, she decides to cross the Atlantic to find her American mother's family in Louisiana. She enlists the help of Tom Worthington, a dashing Key West man who makes his living salvaging wrecked ships, but whose real goal in life is to bring to justice the man who stole his father's ship and caused his untimely death.

When Catherine finally arrives at her family's plantation, she finds it in disarray and her family absent landowners. Torn between returning to Key West with Tom or beginning the hard work of restoring the plantation, Catherine soon finds herself snared in a plot to steal her inheritance. When an incredible secret comes to light, both she and Tom will face a choice. Can they relinquish the dreams that have been holding them captive in order to step forward in faith--even if it costs them everything?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 4.50