A Novel of the Coming Collapse

The author, James Wesley Rawles is a survivalist and has a story to tell. He tells of the price of oil being so high it has almost come to the point you can't afford it. Financial disaster is here and is changing the world dramatically. We are seeing the dollar become mere nothing. Law, what has become of it? We are losing control, the gangs and lawless are taking over.

People are trying to band together and put disaster plans in place. Family and friends are all that is left. People are struggling to defend their freedom, their beliefs and to bring back some sort of law. The main thing is survival. The author brings some ideas of survival that may be a consideration. The book is well written but very complicated, but believable. Religion seems to be the basis of this book. I don't mind some religion in the book, but if there is a lot, then it's a book about religion, not a book about survival. It also seems that some of it is a repeat from his previous books. Mr. Rawles provides lists of items that the reader could get so they can be prepared if this comes true. I felt a lot of this book was repetitive, but all in all it was an O.K. read. Everyone has a different view on things. It just wasn't my kind of read, but others may view it differently. Get the book, read it and make up your own mind.

I would give this book 3 STARS.

Book Blurb for Founders


It’s the near future, and thanks to a perfect storm of reckless banking practices, hyperinflation, a stock market gone mad, and the negligence of our elected officials, the entire social, political, and economic infrastructure of America has collapsed. Chaos reigns in the streets, medical treatment is no longer available, and a silent coup has placed a dangerous group of men at the helm of a false government. America’s fate is in the hands of those few individuals who have the survival skills, the faith, and the forethought to return this country to the state its founding fathers intended.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 3.00