Five Stories High

One House, Five Hauntings, Five Chilling Stories

The book brings the reader five eerie and haunting tales all with the same setting, a five story Georgian mansion. This mansion used to be a grand place but through time it has started to deteriorate. It has been converted into five apartments. Many have come and gone during the duration of this grand ole' mansion. The past has stayed even though the occupants have left.

The reader gets five haunting tales from five authors in a mansion with five floors and five apartments. Could the number five have a meaning?

In this anthology you get "Maggots" by Nina Allan, "Priest's Hole" by KJ Parker, "Gnaw" by Take Thompson, "The Best story I Can Manage Under The Circumstances" by Robert Shearman and "Skin Deep" by Sarah Lotz. You also get "The Notes on Irongrove Lodge". The authors give you a line between reality and the unknown, light and darkness, calm and fear. There are twists and turns on each story of the mansion and in each apartment. Each occupant has his or her own deep dark past and present. Each has their own hauntings and each story of the mansion has its own story. All are strange encounters of the occupants and all will make the reader sit on the edge of his seat. We all love horror to a certain degree and according to your personal taste for the level of horror, the authors give level for everyone. Some you will love, some you will not, but all are worth reading.

The method of writing is a bit different than most. It took me a little while to get used to it but once I did, I started to enjoy the style. I especially liked the "Notes On Irongrove Lodge". These notes give background and specifics on the grand ole' mansion. Was the mansion a place for punishment? A place where some came and never left, some left and never were seen again? The occupants never spoke of what happened or what was seen in the mansion. To the outsiders it was just an ole' rundown mansion where some were just drawn into the land of insanity. The authors give you the feeling that maybe Irongrove Lodge only existed in the minds of those who entered the open doors. Irongrove Lodge is supposed to be there but it seems to be out of the reach of one hand. You are also left with the feeling that after the fifth floor, the stairs continue even though there are only five stories. What is above the fifth floor and where does it lead?

These authors have given some terrifying stories of the five occupants, five apartments, and five levels (possibly more, it's all in your mind). The mind can play tricks and in this book, it does. What a great group of combined stories. This is for the reader who loves that line between reality and the other side. I recommend this book to anyone who loves that line. You will get suspense and the thrill of the unknown. Decide for yourself, does Irongrove Lodge really exist or is it a state of mind?

Book Blurb for Five Stories High

One house, five hauntings, five chilling stories.

Five Stories High is a collection of five novellas each set in the same house – Irongrove Lodge. This five storey Georgian mansion, once a grand detached property, has now been split into five apartments.  This is a building with history, the very bricks and grounds imbued with the pasts of those who have walked these corridors, lived in these rooms.

Five extraordinary writers open the doors, revealing ghosts both past and present in a collection that promises to be as intriguing as it is terrifying.

Featuring novellas by Sarah Lotz, JK Parker, Nina Allan, Robert Shearman and Tade Thompson.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2017 4.00