Each Shining Hour

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Each Shining Hour

A Novel of Watervalley, #2

As I was reading Each Shining Hour I found the characters became my friends. Until the next novel I won't hear from my friends and that’s a bit sad. I’ll be awaiting their arrival in the next book.

The author, Jeff High, writes as though the reader is listening to the story instead of reading. It is so hard to think that this book is only his second novel. The first being, MORE THINGS IN HEAVEN and EARTH. With just these two books you can tell he’s going to have an amazing career and he’s already there. You open his book and you can't close it. The characters are so realistic. The story is written about several community members, not just a young country doctor.

There are so many things for the reader to think about. We are brought into a mystery and romance. Jeff High lets you judge the characters instead of judging them for you. I hope there is more about Watervalley in the next book, not just the characters. The scenes with the doctor and nurses seem so easily written since the author drew on his own life as a nurse. Jeff High wrote a wonderful book about what he knew. This gave realism to the overall story.

Book Blurb for Each Shining Hour

Welcome to the timeless charms of small-town Watervalley, Tennessee where young Dr. Luke Bradford is beginning to feel at home?

When he comes to the aid of a woman at the grocery store, Luke is fascinated to learn she is Estelle Pillow, the cheery sister to his prickly housekeeper, Connie. Estelle wants to open a bakery in town and Connie’s disapproval of the venture stirs up a whirlwind of emotions between the siblings. But Luke’s attention is soon diverted when he learns about a long-ago double murder.

During World War II, an unknown traveler arrived in town, and before the day was over, he and the local baker lay dead near the bandstand at the local lake. The incident has since been exaggerated into Watervalley lore with the newcomer rumored to have been a German spy. As Luke pieces together exactly what happened, he realizes that the consequences of this event have rippled painfully into the lives of townsfolk he has come to know.

As winter gives way to spring, Luke keeps busy at the medical clinic and enters a tentative, exhilarating romance. And when his support of Estelle’s bakery collides with new revelations about the old murder, Luke witnesses the true power of reconciliation working in the hearts of those he holds dear a revelation that will change his life.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 5.00