Death at the Black Bull

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Death at the Black Bull

A Sheriff Virgil Dalton Mystery, #1

Frank Hayes has caught us up with a perfect debut novel. Virgil Dalton is half Native American and is Sheriff to Hayward, he is a rancher and a lawyer. Any lady landing him might get it all.

Buddy Hinton disappears, the sheriff thinks the guy has just run off. Soon he finds out that big town trouble has come to little Hayward with the death of Buddy Hinton.

Black Bull is a local watering hold for all thee ranch hands for nearly 30 years. All the clues lead there. There is his small band of deputies and his ranch manager, Cesar and his grandfather who lives his life on the reservation. Virgil begins to uncover more secrets and starts to put the puzzle together.

I love books like these. So once I started reading I was hooked. Mr. Hayes tells a wonderful story. He writes with very descriptive detail. He makes the story come alive as though you are right there going along with the sheriff and his crew. As you finish the book, you wonder if this is really is Mr. Hayes first novel. He is definitely an author to reckon with.

Book Blurb for Death at the Black Bull

Hayward is a sleepy Southwestern town full of cattle, trucks, and tumbleweeds. Virgil Dalton’s been the sheriff for over a dozen years and has lived there all his life. It’s a place where everybody pretty much knows everybody?but they don’t know each other’s secrets?

Buddy Hinton is just a good ole boy. So when he disappears after a night drinking at the Black Bull, his friends just figure he went down to Mexico to find himself a girlfriend and eventually will come back. But this case quickly becomes a homicide after the sheriff discovers the missing man floating in one of his stock tanks.

For a man who wasn’t known to have enemies, Buddy clearly upset someone. Figuring out who that was will require Virgil and his deputy, Jimmy, to retrace Buddy’s last steps?and to remain a step ahead of a murderer who may have no qualms about killing again

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2014 5.00