Crucifixion Creek

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Crucifixion Creek

A Belltree Mystery

Barry Maitland has written an interesting mystery that the reader can relate to and actually feel they are a part of. This Mystery moves fast and isn't as bogged down as some mysteries are. You can follow what's going on without having to re-read parts you've already read. You still get your twists and turns. You still get the WHY's and WHO's.

Our police detective is Harry Belltree. His father was the first judge of the New South Wales Supreme Court. Harry starts investigating some deaths. Supposedly they died in a car accident but Harry doesn't believe that. He feels they were either victims of a murder or a hit and run.

Crucifixion Creek is where Harry finds himself investigating some murders. This is a Sydney neighborhood with the unfortunate background. That’s why it's called Crucifixion Creek. If you, as a reader want a different setting then this book gives it to you. Sydney is a different place for a mystery and Harry has his hands full. He sees the first murder and the second was his brother-in-law. Then there is a husband and wife who supposedly committed suicide together, which is rather mysterious. Things begin to get rather dangerous.

Politics and a notorious biker gang somehow have connections to the murders. As time goes on more bodies are being found. Harry finds he has to put justice first and ignore the rules of a policeman. This is familiar to a lot of crime and mystery books, but the ending won't fail to satisfy. It may even shock you. Will Harry figure out what's behind all the chaos? Will he put an end to it? The author leaves you with questions that have no answers. So we are put in place for the next book.

Book Blurb for Crucifixion Creek

A meth-addicted biker shoots a woman during a police siege. An elderly couple commit suicide on the terrace of their favorite café. An unidentified white male is stabbed to death in the street.

For Sydney homicide detective Harry Belltree, not long out of the military and a grueling tour of Afghanistan, these three deaths appear to be just another day at the office. Until, that is, he identifies the stabbing victim as his own brother-in-law Greg, and journalist Kelly Pool suggests there's a link between the three incidents. It seems Greg and the old couple had ties to the same man, a corrupt money man with a murky past and friends in both high places and low.

Harry Belltree can't get officially involved in Greg's murder, but he's not going to leave it in the hands of others. That's when he goes off-grid to investigate the links between these deaths. That's when things start to get dangerous.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 4.00