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Please Note: There is violence and adult situations in this book. The author, S.G. Redling, wrote a psychological thriller that will keep you guessing the entire time you are reading it. Redling keeps you on the edge of your chair with the suspense, the mystery and the human horror. The plot is composed of a web that is tightly woven. The characters are so well developed that you can relate to them. You can feel their emotions and you want to reach out to them.

This is a good story about someone who is deeply troubled and has a deep dark hidden secret from her past. You'll find the ending a complete surprise. Baggage is fast paced and has lots of action.

Why is there a day of hell? Same day, every year. Are the things that happen on that day a coincidence or is there something deeper and sinister going on? Everybody has something in their past that they try to keep locked away. Some of those things are deep and dark, others just minor, petty little things. Will Anna's drinking help her get through another day? Or will her hidden secret surface?

One thing very different about this book is there is absolutely no romance in the story. It’s quite different from most. There isn't anything to soften the story.

Book Blurb for Baggage

Over the years, terrible things keep happening to Anna Ray on February 17. First, there was the childhood trauma she’s never been able to speak about. Then, to her horror, her husband killed himself on that date.

A year later and a thousand miles away, Anna tries to find solace in the fresh start of a new job in a new place. She takes comfort in her outspoken cousin Jeannie, the confidant and best friend who’s there whenever she needs help. On the eve of the dreaded anniversary, Anna and Jeannie hit the town, planning to ease the pain with an alcohol-induced stupor and then sleep…

But when Anna awakes on the darkest day of her year, she has no idea that fate is about to intervene in the form of a pair of gruesome murders with eerie similarities to her violent past. This time, however, she won’t be an abandoned daughter or a grieving widow. This time, she’ll be a suspect.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 4.00