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Kerney Family Trilogy, #2

This book has detailed descriptions of Old West scenery. You, the reader, get a look into the history of this fiction novel. The description of the scenery is so real you can feel the heat, you can see the buildings, you can feel the characters emotions. We travel through time from the 1920's to World War II and get the feel of time and how it affects people. We get to know Matthew Kerney as a young child and the taking of the innocence of a child having to become older way before his time. Circumstances can change your life in a heartbeat. He had a mother who was dying, a father he hardly knew and what he did know, he didn't like. Responsibilities sometimes are placed on young shoulders that should be out playing and enjoying life. Instead he must become a man and leave childhood behind, before his childhood has even really begun. There are always deep secrets that come to life, untruths that have been told and promises unkempt… and sometimes worse. We get a glimpse of these hidden evils in this story.

I had a hard time staying with this story, perhaps because it was so real, I don't know. It is written well, plotted well, and paced well. Overall it has breathtaking descriptions, but I also had a hard time sticking with it at some parts.

Book Blurb for Backlands

In the New York Times bestselling Hard Country, Michael McGarrity gave readers “an expansive, lyrical period Western in the tradition of A. B. Guthrie Jr. and Larry McMurtry” (Hampton Sides). Now McGarrity continues his richly authentic epic of life on the last vestiges of the twentieth-century American frontier.

Scarred by the loss of an older brother he idolized, estranged from a father he barely knows, and deeply troubled by the failing health of a mother he adores, young Matthew Kerney is suddenly and irrevocably forced to set aside his childhood and take on responsibilities far beyond his years. When the world spirals into the Great Depression and drought settles like a plague over the nation, Matt must abandon his own dreams to salvage the Kerney ranch. Plunged into a deep trough of dark family secrets, hidden crimes, broken promises, and lies, Matt must struggle to survive on the unforgiving, sun-blasted Tularosa Basin.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 4.00