At Risk

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At Risk

The book starts out very slow and about the time you're ready to give up on the book, it takes a turn.

The main character has been in a relationship with a husband that was terribly abusive but no she is with a man that really loves her. Maybe it's because he also suffered abuse through his childhood. So they had this in common and it created a bond between them. Everything appears perfect. But then nothing is ever perfect. Colleen and Pat have a good relationship, Pat has a business that is going well. He is in business with his life long friend, John. Colleen has started a friendship with Bix, John's wife. She is slowly healing from the abusive wounds. Colleen starts to get these uneasy feeling that there is some things she doesn't know. There is a sense of danger but she can't put her finger on it. Could it just be her insecurities coming out? The author brings the reader surprises after surprises, some very shocking and awful. Some very gory and violent things happen. The author gives some very graphic descriptions of things that happen.Things you never saw coming. The book seemed to drag on for me. It just didn't seem to be getting anywhere. The last part of the book revved up a little. So many things were revealed. Secrets were brought to a head and I felt that this was the end for everybody and their perfect lives. This book is far from being a quiet little read. If you don't like the nitty gritty, graphic violence then this book may not be for you. I know that a lot of people like this kind of book but I feel that some of the nitty gritty could have been spread out in the book. The first part needed some pick me up. It was a little too tame and the last part was a little too violent. The author was extremely descriptive in her violent scenes.

We get a mix of things, cheating, secrets, violence, abuse, the growth of Colleen. Now that part I really liked, Colleen grew strong and quit letting everybody walk on her. Most of the characters in this book were slime balls, unlikable characters. They just get under your skin. One good thing to be gained from this book. The author puts across the message that you never really know a person, regardless of how close you think you may be.

Book Blurb for At Risk

Colleen McElroy grew up wealthy and pampered, the daughter of a prominent society family in Lexington, Kentucky. But her privileged upbringing could not prepare or protect her from her cruel and abusive first husband. Although her calamitous marriage left her with physical and emotional scars that have yet to heal, they haven’t prevented her from doing her best to rebuild her life.

Charismatic Patrick McElroy has scars of his own from his traumatic childhood in the foster care system, but with his business partner, John, he has built a celebrated, state-of-the-art home for at-risk youths. When one goes missing, Colleen is plunged into a nightmare of uncertainty about the girl’s disappearance. Is she paranoid, seeing disasters where there is just bad luck, or does an unspeakable evil lurk behind the new life she’s made for herself? No longer sure of whom she can trust, Colleen will have to rely on herself to discover the truth.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 3.00