Apricot's Revenge

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Apricot's Revenge

A Crime Novel

The setting for this book is Modern Day China.

This is a fictional book but it has a lot of underlying truths and realities. Social issues is the main topic of this book. A main topic in today's society. A very complex, deep and sometimes dark issue. Social crime - it exists - we may not think of it as social crime but it exists.

A business tycoon goes swimming and ends up on the beach of resort known as the Hawaii of the East. He had a heart attack. Or did he? Is murder a possibility, or not? Being looked into as possible suspect is Zhuo, vice president of the dead man's company. Another person of interest is the man's widow, Zhu, a young woman who could inherit an enormous amount of wealth. Then we have Hong a business rival. Was it one of these people who possibly killed him, or did he really die of a heart attack? Could someone else be involved?

The author wrote of issues that are of importance today. Social issues! This is a detective novel but it does make you think about how much this actually happens. As you turn the pages you think more and more about how, why and who did it? Or was it natural causes? As you finish the book, you will still be thinking about it. Think of the title. Who or what is Apricot? What was the revenge for?

Overall this was an OK read with a lot of depth of thought for the reader.

Book Blurb for Apricot's Revenge

A business tycoon in China is found dead; he apparently suffered a heart attack while swimming. His body is washed onto a beach in a popular resort known as the Hawaii of the East. But soon it becomes clear that he was murdered. Three immediate beneficiaries of his death become the suspects: the vice president of the company, Zhou, who is in line to take over his position; his young widow, Zhu, who stands to inherit a huge amount of wealth; and his arch business rival, Hong, who is competing in a bid over a piece of hot property.

Nie Feng, a young investigative reporter for a magazine, interviewed the victim just a few days before he died. Through his own research, Nie Feng discovers a new suspect who is not on the police’s radar.

Apricot’s Revenge is an absorbing detective novel and more. Song Ying uses an ingenious plot to investigate social problems in modern China, which makes the book a profound and captivating read, leaving readers thinking long after reaching the last page.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 3.00