A Private Duel with Agent Gunn

The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard

A Private Duel with Agent Gunn is set in London 1887. It’s a historical, adventure romance in the Gentlemen of Scotland Yard series. This is the third book in the three part series. It can be read as a standalone.

Phineas Gunn is an agent for Scotland Yard. Finn served in Kandahar and it was a terrible time for him. He has a form of PTSD, only in the late 1800's they called it a Soldier's Heart. He could normally control in with breathing deep and thinking calm thoughts. When Cate and Gunn were together, the temperature rose and the Soldier's Heart eased. They were a couple who played the espionage game and played each other.

If you have read the first two books in this series, you already know the history and can carry on with the romance between the two. Mrs. Stone introduces some of the high tech advances that have been made. Even so they have to rely on their own skills to stay out of trouble.

The book was filled with intriguing characters, treason, spies, suspense, and love. The plots also twists and turns. Overall this adventure just wasn't my cup of tea. The book dragged along in places for me. Perhaps if I had read the first two books in the series, the book would have moved better for me. I'll leave it up to you as you join the gentlemen of Scotland yard and the adventurous ladies that accompanied them.

I give this book 3 STARS.

I received a complimentary copy of A PRIVATE DUEL WITH AGENT GUNN by Jillian Stone from Night Owl Reviews for my unbiased view.

Book Blurb for A Private Duel with Agent Gunn

She was everything he remembered, only more so.

Cunning, reclusive Yard man Phineas Gunn is as skilled at capturing surly criminals as he is at charming beautiful women. But the dashing agent’s latest assignment is really testing his mettle. Officially, he’s investigating beguiling prima ballerina Catriona de Dovia Willoughby, a suspected anarchist. Unofficially, his attraction to his devilish former flame is hotter than ever.

Unsure whether to trust the enigmatic lover who betrayed her once, Cate nevertheless enlists Finn’s help to recover some priceless family jewels. Their pursuit erupts into a cross-continental adventure that begins with a double cross and crackles with secrets, lies, and sexual tension. The crime is clear—breaking and entering each other’s hearts—but as the clock ticks down, who will be the first to surrender?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 3.00