The Silver Cage

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The Silver Cage

I'm an early riser, so it's usually, early to bed for me, not last night. I stayed up to well past midnight because I couldn't stop reading The Silver Cage, by Mik Wilkins.

Among my seven published books, three are fantasy. Eighteen years ago I wrote my first, The Blue Flame, because I couldn't find everything I wanted in the books that were out there. The Silver Cage has it all. If I'd read this book then, I most likely wouldn't have started writing, so I guess I'm glad it wasn't around, but I am delighted to have discovered it now.

Now a little about The Silver Cage.

Sitting by a small spring, David is startled by the appearance of a magical shakorn, and cuts his hand. The shakorn, doing what shakorn's do, touches David's hand, heals it, and a connection is formed.

While scrying, Alexsa, a young, but powerful witch from another world sees David and the shakorn and is fascinated by the boy she feels power radiating from.

When David rinses the blood from his hand in the spring, Alexsa discovers he is a Pureblood. She is determined to bring him into her world and bind his power to way or the other.

Fast forward twenty years. Alexsa has grown in power and in selfishness and deceit. She still will have David as her own, and now has come upon a way to make it happen. With the use of her power, she sends a young woman into David's world. Jennasara captures David's heart with a first look.

Along with Jenn come vivid dreams. In one he is chased and bitten by a wolf, an interaction with startling consequences for David who travels through the veil thinned by his interaction with Jenn and into Lucasia. There, David again is chased by the wolves, but this time his reaction to their pursuit is a shock to him and them.

In Lucasia David encounters creatures from what he's always considered fantasy stories. He finds out quickly they are all very real.

Once Alexsa has David in her world, she stops at nothing, destroying anything and anybody, to bring him to her side.

There are also others who wish David a speedy journey to Alexsa, but they have their own goals, and Alexsa's desires have little to do with them.

To save Jenn and remain alive, David must master the power flowing within him. In Emerald, he has a strong taskmaster. David's lessons are many and at times painful, but his strong feeling for Jenn, push him onward. But is the woman he is consumed with even real? Are his feelings for her real? Or is it all only a spell cast by the witch Alexsa to bring David into her hands?

I loved discovering the answers to all of these questions. I think you will too.

The Silver Cage's conclusion is a good one. But I am pleased to see that it also paves the way for a book to follow. I hope it arrives on the scenes soon.

Book Blurb for The Silver Cage

Life is good for David Conner. He has a great job, plenty of money, and he's just met the woman of his dreams. But his dreams turn into nightmares when he finds himself on Lucasia--a magical world of shapeshifters, dragons, faeries, and other creatures of myth--where he is the key to victory in a struggle between opposing forces: one sworn to save the world, the other intent on its destruction.

If he is to survive, David must learn the rules of this strange new world, master its powerful magic forces, and decide who is friend and who is foe.

But is David the world's savior...or the cause of its ruin?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 5.00