The Cain Letters

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The Cain Letters

The Vampire Code.Eat to live, Not Live to Eat, Be Shadows of the night, Be One with the Darkness and Never Let in the Light.

When I first started to read the "The Cain Letters" I wasn't sure if I'd made the right choice to review begins at a slow pace, but by page 10 the story had grabbed a hold of me and it didn't let go.

Pierre Roustan's Cain Letters is a cross between Twilight and The Mummy Returns.

Nikolas Stahl, Master Vampire of Russia, is traveling to the United States. He must stop the threll, mortals who had been forced to drink dead vampire blood. The results are cursed, twisted mutations, an insult to the true vampire.

Nikolas is a purist and hates the threll that are spreading through the world like wildfire.

His quest consumes him. His hatred of them feeds his fire more than human blood.

Mason Richter is one of the oldest vampires in the United States. He has his own plans and doesn't welcome Nikolas into his domain.

Alexandra Glade is member of the Berith Lochem.a nomadic, secret society of professional hunters hired by the Vatican to rid the world of evil. Her desire for revenge at times blocks all logic. She and her team are given the assignment to find out why both Nikolas and Mason are seeking The Cain Letters.

Each of the main players has their own agendas and they are not afraid to do whatever it takes to achieve their ends. It makes for an exciting ride. Give this book a read, you won't be disappointed, but maybe you should read it doing during the daylight hours.

Book Blurb for The Cain Letters

All legends have beginnings— some are worth remembering -- others are better left to darkness.

When college student, Marcus Brennan, discovers an ancient book revealing the origin of vampirism, all hell breaks loose not just in his life but for the world around him. He is holding the ultimate weapon two master vampires desire more than blood. It is the weapon that will give them the power to rule not only the Vampire Nation but all mankind.

It is up to Alexandra Glade, fierce and radiant vampire hunter, and her team, the Berith Lochem, to find and protect Marcus in order to prevent the unthinkable…

… The awakening of Cain.


Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.00