House Of Wacks

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House Of Wacks

Jordan Meadows thinks nothing of charging $350.00 on her dad’s credit card to have a wax job, after all she’s one of the Fabulous Four. She has to keep up her appearance, even if it is summer break.

Unfortunately, her dad does not see it that way and he tells Jordan to get a job, the Bank of Dad is closed.

After the shock and denial wears off, she does just that…with a back-up plan in mind that will get her some sympathy from her dad, and maybe get things back to her normal.

House of Wax, a B-grade horror movie, is in her town filming, and on a whim, she applies for a position as a make-up assistant and gets the job. Her first day on the job there is a crisis; they need a supplier for the wax they use to do some of the gruesome make-up required. Well, Jordan certainly knows all about wax and she is able to arrange a shipment to them.

Her new position also brings Jordan into contact with Keith and Ned, two boys from her high school she’d never lower herself to acknowledge, after all she’s one of the Fab Four.

But the movie set is different and Jordan discovers that both Keith and Ned have things to offer as friends, which is fine now, but what about when they all three return to high school?

I loved House of Whacks. Denise Gwen gives us a behind the scenes look at a movie set and a peek into a sixteen-year-old girl’s mind. Both ring with the peal of believability. Jordan does soul-searching and doesn’t care much for what she discovers about herself and her friends.

I’m not saying anymore, because I don’t want to give away the ending, but buy this book. You will not be disappointed.


Book Blurb for House Of Wacks

Young adult Climbing Rose
Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 228
Little did Jordan Meadows realize, when Dad insisted she get a job, it would turn out to be such an amazing summer! Who would have guessed that all her eyebrow, bikini, and leg waxes at Tranquility Spa would pay off as job experience? Working behind the scenes on the set of House of Wax IX: Return of the Revengenator, she becomes the go-to girl for paraffin wax. Then she meets Keith Charles, a band nerd at from her high school. Between draping his freckled arms with wax and making sure he looks extra clotty, she’s stunned to find herself falling in love with someone outside her own clique. As filming and the summer draw to a close, she’s a changed girl, for sure. She's made friends with people she never would have associated with at North High School, but what about her friends, the awesome foursome? Should she break up with Keith, since he’s not a member of her exclusive, inner circle? Or is it time to branch out and make new friends?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 5.00