Fires of Fury

In Fires of Fury by Donna Dawson we meet Katherine at a low point in her life. Her husband has committed suicide. It’s devastating enough facing his funeral, but add to it that everyone in town knows about his affair with Beverly Jarvis.

Katherine is even more hurt that before Darryl’s death they had seemed to be working things out…he’d made promises to her that’d given her hope…and then he killed himself.

Ontario Provincial Officer Jason Wolfe is the one who comes to break the news to her. In a rush of pain she throws herself into his arms and he holds her as she cries.

Afterward she is embarrassed by her behavior and is even more uncomfortable when Jason comes to her husband’s funeral.

Yes Jason is attracted to Katherine, but it is something more that draws him to the service. He believes Darryl was murdered.

There is chemistry between Katherine and Jason. It bothers her that she feels so strongly about the man. After all she’s just buried her husband, but it also tells her much about the depth of the feelings she had for Darryl.

Fires of Fury is a nice story, but for me there were a few problems. The first is that on the day of the funeral a letter arrives written by Darryl and sent to himself. I can understand why on that day she would place it aside, but to just forget about it until much later? Especially after Jason tells her of his feeling about Darryl’s so called suicide. It didn’t ring true.

At times I wanted to shake some common sense into Katherine. And I never understood Beverly’s and her mother’s animosity toward Katherine.

I know Fires of Fury is an inspirational romance, and it is, but the addition of Jason’s desire to live by God’s rules comes out of nowhere and seemed contrived. I would have liked to see that aspect of the story given more detail.

Book Blurb for Fires of Fury

# of pages or word count: 161

Katherine didn't expect to find love after the mysterious death of her husband but Ontario Provincial Police Officer Jason Wolfe has other ideas. As she struggles to overcome her husband's death and his betrayal with Beverly Jarvis, Katherine must decide if she is willing to surrender her feelings to yet another man caught in Beverly's sights. With a family who is constantly interfering, and Jason's persistent attention, she must choose between living the life that she is accustomed to or find a new one elsewhere. And as Katherine is forced to make choices she has no wish to make, she must continue to outsmart the man who is trying to kill her too.

Can her growing love survive so much or will she run?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 3.00