Dead Man Stalking

What would you do if along with a senior pup with gas problems, you also inherited a ghost? On top of that said ghost is a bad-boy you gave your virginity too, because your then boyfriend was determined to remain pure until his wedding night.

Tessa McDonald of, Dead Man Stalking, by the way I love that title, lives with the above facts. Her ghost de-flowerer was a bad decision that haunts her, literally.

If having to be careful not to respond to Bobby’s needling isn't enough, after all she doesn't want the world to know she talks to dead people, well a dead person, a body is found in a warehouse. And said body has a connection to her.

I loved this book. Tessa is a delight. The dog...well is just precious. I even enjoyed Bobby and felt for his predicament.

The chemistry between Tessa and the hunk, Carson Hayes, reads realistic, unlike some I’ve had to stumble through.

If you choose to give this book a read, I don’t think you will be disappointed…I wasn’t. I’ll be looking to find more works by this talented author.

Book Blurb for Dead Man Stalking

CATEGORY: Contemporary Romance, Paranormal, Adventure.
ELEMENTS: Adult Situations, Moderate Sexual Content.
HEAT LEVEL: Sapphire

Life is good for Tessa McDonald, news reporter for WFRT in the tiny southern Ohio town of Fortuna, until she inherits an aged, three-legged, flatulent dog named Precious which brings the ghost of her first lover along and a dismembered body is discovered in an old warehouse.

When his assignment sends Agent Carson Hayes of the Ohio Bureau of Investigation to Fortuna, he expects to solve the crime and go home. When he joins forces with Tessa to find the murderer, his orderly life rapidly becomes one of semi-organized chaos.

As their instant attraction flames into something more, they find themselves confronted by an angry ex-boyfriend, shot at in the dark, and facing a pistol-wielding serial killer in a sleazy motel, which leads them to one big question will they survive long enough to decide whether what they feel is love or simply a wonderful case of lust? 

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 5.00