Blood Money

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Blood Money

A Patty O'Donnell Mystery

Blood Money's first line is, 'The thief had been hiding in our house for nearly a week before anyone realized he was there.'

With that first line Pepper Smith had me. Right away we are involved in a search to find the person hiding in the house. And when found we step into a suspense tale that truly satisfies.

The story starts in lush Ireland where we meet the O’Donnell’s, Patty, Micheal, Seamus and Aunt Liz. I’d like to see a complete novel with only Seamus and Aunt Liz, what I read of their story was intriguing.

We’re given a front role seat to the workings of a training stable, which was all new to me.

Back to the thief who turns out to be young Miles O’Sullivan, who has been searching for proof of a debt, owned his family. The debt was unknown to the O’Donnell’s and then they discover Miles is correct, they are determined to make it right. Add to that, the boy needs money to get his mother away from his abusive step-father.

The property owed the O’Sullivan’s lies below the ocean in a sunken ship. A plan is set in motion to find the ship, and retrieve the treasure. Help is sought from Patty’s twin sister, Terry and her husband Liam. They will lead the group who will search for the Grace O’Malley off the coast of Catania.

After a run in with someone who tries to kidnap her, Patty is sent to join her sister in Italy to keep her safe, but trouble follows her and it seems the more she discovers, the more Patty finds she still doesn’t know.

This was a great book. I wouldn’t be adventurous enough to climb the side of a live volcano, but I enjoyed reading about those who would. Blood Money kept me turning the pages until I came to, The End. And then I was delighted to find out there are more Patty O’Donnell mysteries for me to enjoy. Next on my list are Rio Star and Reef Runner.

Book Blurb for Blood Money

# of pages: 215 pages
Genre: Historical mystery
When Patty O’Donnell married her Irish sweetheart and moved from America to her husband’s small home town on the Irish seacoast, the most dangerous things she had to deal with were the half-ton racehorses in her father-in-law’s stables. But when she and her husband return from a late night out to find their house being searched, she discovers there are far worse things lurking in her bucolic surroundings than temperamental Thoroughbreds.
The teenage son of a late family friend brings proof of a long forgotten debt owed by the O’Donnells, part of a cargo lost in a shipwreck over a century and a half ago. He wants the cargo salvaged, and quickly, so he can help his mother free herself from her abusive second husband. The O’Donnells are willing, but the search and salvage mission puts them square in the sights of modern-day pirates, who want the salvage for themselves.
Suddenly, Patty finds herself hunted and in a fight for her life, where yielding to panic means a swift and ugly death.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.50