Three Christmas Kisses

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Three Christmas Kisses

“Three Christmas Kisses” could be the story of a woman meeting the one irresistible man who should be all wrong for her, or it could be the tale of an environmentalist fighting corrupt big business in a small town, but really, it boils down to lust (and then love) at first sight. Before he knows it, FBI agent Zack Akerrs is skating on thin ice into a dense fog where Isabelle Barnes is concerned. He’s a big city Southern boy, totally out of place in a small Pacific Northwest town in the middle of winter, but before he knows it, he’s ready to trade in his old life, if he can hibernate permanently with Isabelle.

I really wanted to like this story, and I admit the naughty bits were almost first rate, but the plot line needed a great deal more fleshing out and the narrative was all over the place. The dialogue was clunky enough that I just wanted this turned into a movie so I could watch the action and ignore what was being said.

Tierney O'Malley has a great imagination and this novel could be spectacular with some more polish and enough depth for the extra characters and the plot twists that seemingly dropped in out of thin air. As it stands, it was a nice diversion on a hot afternoon.

Book Blurb for Three Christmas Kisses

Environmentalist and lawyer, Isabelle Barnes is drawn to Zack’s appeal the first time they bumped into each other. For over a week that they’ve been together, their professional relationship becomes serious and personal. And worse, she’s fallen in love with him. But no matter how fun, hot and satisfying their relationship is, she must end it. Zack is a man she’s promised not to tangle with, a man like her father.

Not one to sit around, Zack took a job of protecting an environmental lawyer. Keeping someone safe is what makes his blood run. But when he meets Isabelle for the first time, she also make his heart pump so fast. The moment he saw her, he saw a different life other than his job. He not only wants to protect Isabelle, he wants to keep her to himself. But she doesn’t want him to stay. She reasons that they're different and the relationship will not last. At the height of their argument, Zack unknowingly lowers his guard. Now they're in danger. He can see a man with a gun, glinting from the reflective light of the sun. Despite his skates slipping on ice, he's able to guide Isabelle behind the makeshift manger, but can he keep her alive until help arrives?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 3.00