Namaste, My Love

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Namaste, My Love

The Cougar Club

Sam Cheever creates the hottest love-at-first-sight story ever! With Felicia celebrating her 45th birthday and venturing into cougardom, one look at exotic dancer, Bris is all it takes for her to find her bliss. Their steamy relationship is complicated by a prudish, jealous, older man (attorney, David Froust) who thinks Felicia belongs to him even though they’ve only had three official dates. He decides to pay Felicia back for ditching him for a younger guy using dirty tricks that fall back on him. Unfortunately, in the meantime Froust sets Bris up to take the fall with the police and even Felicia doubts him momentarily. Will they be able to get beyond that?

I really enjoyed seeing Felicia embrace her sensuality. She’s worked hard all her life to stay in shape and she deserves the admiring looks that Bris gives her. She’s definitely an example of 45 being the new 30. Twenty seven year old Bris is also a slave to his body – teaching yoga when he’s not busy bumping and grinding in an endless variety of skimpy costumes.

“Namaste, My Love” is the perfect Nirvana of thrills, chills, sexuality, sensuality, romance and obsession. Thankfully, what goes around definitely comes around and everybody gets their just desserts. Especially Felicia, Bris and a squeeze bottle of chocolate syrup. Yum!

Book Blurb for Namaste, My Love

Attractive divorcee, Felicia Jeffries is turning 45 years old and her friends have dragged her to a male strip club to celebrate. She never guessed she’d find herself up on stage, dirty dancing with a sexy young dancer. Or that her body would scream for another chance to wrap itself around him.

Classy and shy, the last thing Felicia wants is to sit in a crowded bar with a bunch of drunk women, stuffing twenty dollar bills down the thongs of sexy young men on stage. The last thing she expects is to find herself incredibly drawn to one of those sexy young men. And the last thing she needs is to deal with the consequences.

But deal she will. Because the alternative is unthinkable...losing the heart and body of Bris Holcomb, uber-sexy exotic dancer, popular yoga instructor, and the man who’s grabbed her heart and won’t let go.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.50