Druid's Daughter

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In writing “Druid’s Daughter,” Jean Hart Stewart employs her strongest skill in drawing fully dimensioned characters. Both the main characters of Chief Inspector Dellafield and Miss Morgan McAfee as well as the secondary characters of his parents, her mother and his boss, police commissioner Randall are complete enough that the reader is left wondering what more is happening in their lives now that the story is finished.

That spark of chemistry that catches Lance Dellafield off guard totally surprises Morgan who assumes that because she s a Druid, no man will want her, if for no other reason than that having her in his sphere would most likely ruin his reputation. She is prepared to spend her life alone as her mother has and later is completely brought up short when she finds that not only does her mother have a serious relationship with the police commissioner, but also a full circle of friends in society that Morgan has never paid much attention to.

Dellafield really is played as a typical male who is trying to ignore the love he feels in that it doesn’t hit him until Morgan’s life is in danger, not just once (from a Jack the Ripper style serial killer), nor just twice (at the hands of the killer’s deranged mother), but thrice when she is thrown from her horse in order to avoid injuring a small child. Thankfully, we are rewarded for his dithering by his utter and devoted passion for Morgan as he teaches her the pleasures of the flesh.

The only fault I could find with this romantic tale of policing and paranormal visions, was that occasionally, I got lost in the timeline between interactions with characters. It would seem as though weeks went by between Commissioner Randall and Morgan’s mother and then the same time would be compressed to just days with Dellafield and Morgan. Perhaps I was just confused.

“Druid’s Daughter” is a very satisfying historical novel with plenty of appropriate cultural references, a lovely romance for two sets of characters and a superb mystery to be solved using both Dellafield’s detective abilities and Morgan’s Druidic visions. I can’t wait to read more of Stewart’s work.

Book Blurb for Druid's Daughter

Morgan McAfee is a Druid and proud of her gifts, using them only for good causes. In 1898 few people acknowledge Druids and their power. When the head of London's Criminal Investigative Department is forced to work with her, he scoffs at her claimed abilities. Chief Inspector Lord Lance Dellafield has no belief in visions and auras. Trying to recover a kidnapped child, his disdain is unconcealed. Handsome, aristocratic and condescending, he wants no help from a Druid. Even though their sexual attraction grows steamier with every encounter.

Even when a serial murderer terrifies London, Lance hesitates to admit Morgan's power. Yet he can't dismiss the beautiful Druid's emerald eyes from his mind. If he hopes to solve the murders he finds he needs her help.

When the murderer stalks Morgan, can Lance save her? Will he acknowledge a Druid has captured his heart? Will being a Druid help her in this most important pursuit, gaining Lance's love?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.50