Chosen Destiny

In “Chosen Destiny,” Rebecca Airies builds a world that I fell into from the very first page. Similar to America’s Old West, Meagan lives in one of two surviving villages beyond the mountains from the rest of their civilization. They have become the subject of attack by a Dark Sorcerer and for some unknown reason, witches in Meagan’s coven are accusing her of consorting with the enemy. All she knows is that her family has protected the village for generations and she must take up the Tiria Witch weapons and continue this tradition – her chosen destiny. Unfortunately, with all of the battles she must fight, she hasn’t had time to really train as a Tiria or even find out all of the ins and outs of her new life. She’s flying by the seat of her pants when finally help from the rest of their world arrives in the form of a group of vampires and dragons. Most of them are paired up and they usually have a third bonded to them – a Tiria Witch. Samiel and Jaeson are just such a pair and as soon as they meet Meagan they realize that her magic complements theirs. Meagan wants them to understand that she can fight her own battles, but as they ease her into their life, she finds that three really are better than one.

“Chosen Destiny” is written antiphonally with a chapter or two of battle and working out why the Dark Sorcerer is attacking them in the first place and then a corresponding chapter or two depicting the newly forming relationship of Meagan and her two mates. Through their sexual intimacy, the dragon and vampire are able to diffuse the extra power and magic that builds up in Meagan while she battles using her Tiria weapons. At times it’s hard to discern whether the battle plot (which is weaker) or the sexual action is the true direction of the story. They try to support each other, but I think that the sex play ends up overshadowing the story of Meagan’s village and their fight for survival. There is definitely more description given to the relationships among Meagan and her men and Airies is not shy when it comes to intimate details in this very physical ménage.

Overall, “Chosen Destiny” is very energetic, has a plot that flows well and serves up an abundance of nicely written sexual release for readers who are so inclined.

Book Blurb for Chosen Destiny

Meagan’s village is under attack and she’s been accused of being a spy. Refusing to let her home fall to the Dark Sorcerer, she has no choice but to take up the weapons of her ancestors. Dealing with the two gorgeous men who come to aid her in the fight is another matter.

Samiel and Jaeson came to fight, but finding the woman whose magic matches theirs surprises them, as does her reaction. She’s so focused on the battle that she barely seems to notice the pair. With kisses and sensual caresses, they turn her attention to the desire building between all three of them.

Meagan’s tempted by their seductive touch, but defining her place in their life is difficult and time’s running out. The Dark Sorcerer has to be stopped before Meagan is free to discover if Samiel and Jaeson are offering forever…or a moment in time.

Reader Advisory: If you’re not turned on by M/M, no worries. Samiel and Jaeson’s relationship is more implied than explicit.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 3.75