What You Do To Me

I started to read this ebook with high hopes. The synopsis sounded great. At first, I really liked Kelin's spirit and her tenacity in caring for Emily-Mae. I was less impressed with Henry Quartermaine. He seemed to be a self-serving, egotistical idiot. Then the two main characters became romantically involved. Not only were they romantic, they were downright sex-starved. I was even embarrassed to read the sexy parts. I'm no spring chicken and I'm not a prude, but I thought that going this route was unneccesary. It was a sweet story and could have remained so, but I considered it x-rated. So sorry, but I cannon give a bigger rating. I was disgusted by the end of the book.

Book Blurb for What You Do To Me

Kelin Chase is educated and ready to face the working world. When she accepts a nanny job with Henry Quartermaine, it’s only for the money. Then she meets little Emily-May and she falls hard for the child. But soon things happen and she has to stand toe to toe with one with Henry Quartermaine.

Having Kelin stand up to him both angers Henry Quartermaine and turns him on. His body burns for her in ways he can’t understand but yearns to explore. But how can he get past Kelin’s dislike for most of his family? How can he prove to her the Quartermaines aren’t evil monsters and that she should stay with him—not only as a nanny, but forever?

Pages: 102 | Heat Level: 2

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 2.50