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“Travis” by Georgian Gentry is one of a series of books called “The Texans”. It is the story of a Texas Ranger who is injured in a gunfight and is not able to shoot with precision any more. Violet is a dance hall girl who is trying to get out of this life, find a husband and have a family. A group of four orphans from an orphan train is stranded in their town and look to Violet to help them. She decides to pretend to be much younger and joins the orphans to find a new home. They happen upon Travis and sort of attach themselves to him. After a time, Travis looks upon these five as his kids. Of course, Violet takes on the role of “mother” to the lot of them. Travis is drawn to her, but thinks that she is only thirteen and unavailable to him. The story revolves around this rag-tag bunch finding themselves as a family and living happily. Of course, there is the brothel owner who is trying to find Violet because she ran away from him. The ending is both a surprise and satisfying. You will enjoy this book.

I received a free print copy of this book for my honest review from the publisher. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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Book Blurb for Travis

Accustomed to upholding the law, Texas Ranger Travis Prescott has a duty to protect and serve--especially when there's a beautiful woman in need. . .


After Texas Ranger Travis Prescott gets into a deadly confrontation with an outlaw, he suffers an injury that puts an end to his career. Making his way back to Texas, Travis is unable to shake a pretty young woman and four orphans who insist on traveling with him. He wants to send them packing, but he can't abandon them--especially the violet-eyed beauty who has captivated his imagination.

Saloon girl Violet LaFarge is bent on starting a new life. Taking pity on the orphans abandoned at the train station, Violet knows Travis is the only chance they have of getting to Texas safely. Now she must convince Travis she and the children are worthy of his protection--and his heart.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.00