The Saintmaker

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The Saintmaker

I really enjoyed "The Saintmaker". The premise was quite different, as the setting was a Catholic Parish. Since I was employed at one time in a similar position in a Catholic parish it was quite interesting to see how the workings of the plot unfolded. I must admit that I relived some moments from my time spent at the church, some of them not so wonderful (If I had been the heroine I would have been tempted to throttle the pastor). I thought that this book was very entertaining and had just the right amount of suspense and drama. There were many twists and turns in this story line and they wove together to tell a great murder tale. I don't think that this much power would really have been given to one person, and a woman at that! I would recommend this book as a different kind of murder mystery.

Book Blurb for The Saintmaker

When Janet Reed takes the job as pastoral assistant for a Catholic church after the death of her son, she hopes the job will bring her peace and healing. Instead she becomes a keeper of secrets, a murder suspect and a dead man's last hope for making restitution for the sins of his past.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.75