The Devil's Cold Dish

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The Devil's Cold Dish

Will Rees Mysteries

If you like reading historical mystery novels, you will enjoy “The Devil’s Cold Dish’ by Eleanor Kuhns. This novel is set in Maine in 1796 on the farm of weaver Will Rees. Rees is an itinerant weaver moving from town to town weaving cloth for the women to use for clothing and other needs. He has married his second wife, Lydia, who is pregnant with their first child. Also living on the farm is his 16 year old son from his first marriage, which ended with the death of his wife, and five adopted children who were saved from the streets of New York. Rees is finally home after weeks of travel and comes home to a farm beset by vandals and his wife accused of witchcraft. After three murders which are somehow attributed to Rees and his wife, they have to flee prosecution. Rees is determined to clear their names and stays behind to investigate.

This novel is chock full of adventure and superstition. My thoughts of who committed the murders jump from one to another and I am not comfortable clearing anyone in my mind until the very end. Ms. Kuhns keeps the reader in suspense throughout. I would highly recommend this book.

Book Blurb for The Devil's Cold Dish

Will Rees is back home on his farm in 1796 Maine with his teenage son, his pregnant wife, their five adopted children, and endless farm work under the blistering summer sun. But for all that, Rees is happy to have returned to Dugard, Maine, the town where he was born and raised, and where he's always felt at home. Until now. When a man is found dead - murdered - after getting into a public dispute with Rees, Rees starts to realize someone is intentionally trying to pin the murder on him. Then, his farm is attacked, his wife is accused of witchcraft, and a second body is found that points to the Rees family. Rees can feel the town of Dugard turning against him, and he knows that he and his family won't be safe there unless he can find the murderer and reveal the truth...before the murderer gets to him first.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 4.00