Texas Mail Order Bride

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Texas Mail Order Bride

Bachelors of Battle Creek, #1

I’ve always enjoyed westerns with a bit of romance and this book is no exception. Delta Dandridge has been duped into coming to Battle Creek, Texas to marry a rancher. She answered an ad in a newspaper and began a correspondence with Cooper Thorne, or so she thought. She was desperate to leave her hometown and thought this would be a good way to start a new life. Since she really wanted to marry and have a family, this was the way to go. However, she didn’t count on Cooper being a member of the Bachelors’ Club, swearing never to marry. She also found out that those letters that he supposedly wrote to her were actually not from him at all. Since she was penniless, she got a job at the mercantile and began to make good friends of the townspeople.

Cooper, meanwhile, is entrenched in a battle with an unknown assailant who is determined to put him out of business. He doesn’t have time, or so he thought, to romance any woman. His two blood-brothers have his back and the three of them are busy keeping each other safe and protecting Cooper’s ranch.

I enjoyed this book very much. I enjoyed the interaction among the main characters and the sub-plots that kept the book interesting.

Book Blurb for Texas Mail Order Bride

"So beautiful. You make it impossible to think." He pulled her against him and found her mouth. "You don't know how long I've wanted to do this."

When he let her up for air, she whispered as though she couldn't trust her voice, "Is this another Texas custom?"

"Absolutely," he growled. "Welcome to Texas."

Rancher Cooper Thorne thinks his life is finally on an even keel-until Delta Dandridge steps off the stagecoach and claims she's his mail order bride. Brash and quick-witted, the meddling Southern Belle is everything Cooper thought he never wanted...and everything his heart is telling him he needs.

But Cooper swore long ago that he'd never marry, and he aims to keep his word, especially now that the demons from his past have returned to threaten everything-and everyone-he holds dear...

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 3.50