Stone Heart's Woman

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Stone Heart's Woman

I finished this book in about a week. I liked the book, but had a hard time keeping interested. There were so many things that happend to Stone Heart and Aiden from the beginning page that it was hard for me to keep up. I really liked the story about the Cheyenne and the soldiers who were very cruel to them. It was a study of how the human spirit can withstand many horrors and keep true to that spirit. I was pleasantly surprised at the ending of the story. It seemed to come quickly after so many other situations and their resolutions. I liked the book, but it was not a favorite.

Book Blurb for Stone Heart's Woman

Heading out west to Nebraska becomes a nightmare when Aiden Conner's fiance deserts her. Having a knife held to her throat by a blond-haired Cheyenne warrior only adds to her terror. All she wants is to return home to her family in St. Louis, but a blizzard traps her and her wounded captor in a cabin in the wilderness. After the betrayal of his mother's people, Stone Heart has sworn to never again speak the language of his white father. He vows to see that the surviving Northern Cheyenne, the Beautiful People, are allowed to return to their home. But the red-haired Irish woman will surely die if he abandons her. As they weather the storm and fight together to survive, they find that, despite their different worlds, their hearts are one and the same. When Stone Heart leaves her to free his people imprisoned at Ft. Robinson, Aiden determines to help him in any way she can. Only then can she truly be Stone Heart's Woman.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 3.50