Secrets of a Scandalous Marriage

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Secrets of a Scandalous Marriage

Secret Brides, #3

I finished reading “Secrets of a Scandalous Marriage" by Valerie Bowman, who also wrote “Secrets of a Runaway Bride” and “Secrets of a Wedding Night”. All three books are related because James Bancroft, Viscount Medford has a printing press, which he uses to irritate the ton.

Kate, Duchess of Markingham, is accused of killing her obnoxious, scandalous husband, George, Duke of Markingham. She is visited in her prison room in the Tower by Bancroft, who wants her to write a pamphlet titled “Secrets of a Scandalous Marriage” as a way to tell her story, which he will print. He is sure it will sell because of the salaciousness of the topic. He has printed two other pamphlets written by two young women who were in similar circumstances. He vows not to get involved in Kate’s defense, but after hearing her story, cannot help doing just that. He hires an excellent barrister to aid Kate’s defense. The story surrounding the murder and murderer is very intriguing and will keep you interested until the very end of the novel.

I enjoyed this story very much because it combines a murder mystery and a love story with episodes of humor throughout.

I received a free print copy of this book from Night Owl Reviews in return for my candid personal review of this book.

Book Blurb for Secrets of a Scandalous Marriage

A duchess awaiting trial for her vile husband’s murder is the most delicious gossip the ton has heard in years. But for Kate Townsende, the woman in question, it could be a matter of life and death. And when a shrewd and handsome nobleman offers to publish her side of the story while arranging for a barrister to take her case, she’s tempted by much more than the chance to defend herself…

James Bancroft, Viscount Medford, tells himself he’s only interested in a bestselling pamphlet, but Kate’s stubborn determination is captivating. Could the accused widow be telling the truth? At first, James isn’t sure of anything besides his growing desire for her—but before long he’s willing to risk much more than his reputation to make the infamous beauty his wife…

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.00