One Way or Another

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One Way or Another

I anticipated reading this novel as soon as I read the first chapter. It really piqued my interest. I was looking forward to finding out who would have murdered the young woman with the luscious red hair. I anticipated following the story as the man who saw her fall off the yacht tried to find out her identity and who owned the yacht.

I was disappointed in the story as it seemed (to me) to be full of coincidences which I won’t spell out because it might ruin the book for someone. I never was sure why all these people came together in the story. They just WERE. I know that this book could be enjoyed by readers who like thrillers. However, I was not riveted to the sadism and brutality that was prevalent in this book. I’m sure that this genre is very well enjoyed by many, just not by me.

Book Blurb for One Way or Another

What begins as a beautiful evening at a party on a yacht ends with attempted murder...and a quest for revenge...

One moment Angie Morse is standing on the deck of a large luxury yacht and the next she feels a stinging blow to her head, a champagne bottle welded by a beautiful woman. And then a push. She is in the water. She can see people on the yacht, but they don't seem to notice that she is gone, and all seem to have deliberately turned their backs as the yacht begins to slowly pull away from her. These are her friends and one is her love. Each one had a reason for getting rid of her, though she would never have thought it would come to this. Until now.

Revenge burns so deeply inside her that she knows she will survive somehow. She will get them. Each one of them-three men and one woman. She will get them all. One way or another.

Told with Elizabeth Adler's trademark attention to luxurious detail of people and places, One Way or Another is a glamorous, twisty novel of vengeance and vindication.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 3.00