In Dublin's Fair City

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In Dublin's Fair City

Molly Murphy Mysteries

“In Dublin’s Fair City” is book number six in the Molly Murphy Series by Rhys Bowen. It is always helpful to follow the series in order because previous novels lend understanding to the current one being read.

In this novel, Molly Murphy is hired to travel to Ireland in search of the baby sister of a man who had to leave the isle during the famine. Because she was sickly at the time, the family had to leave her in the care of a parish priest who then put her in an orphanage. Tommy Burke thought his sister may not be alive anymore since she would be now around fifty, but he wanted to find out for sure. During the ocean voyage she is thrust in another role; taking the place of a famous actress at her request. Not only is she travelling under another name, she is involved in a ship-board murder, and is implicated in other illegal actions having to do with the Brotherhood.

This was quite an interesting and exciting novel. It is another winner for Ms. Bowen.

Book Blurb for In Dublin's Fair City

Molly Murphy, a plucky P.I. in 1903 New York, sails back to her native Ireland on a case searching for the sister of an Irish American impressario. The woman was too sick to travel and was left behind when the family took a famine ship to New York fifty years ago, and now the man wants to settle his fortune on her.

But before Molly's ship reaches Ireland, her maid is found murdered and a famous Irish actress goes missing. Molly is shocked to discover a cache of rifles in the actress's luggage, and even more shocked to come upon her own brother trying to collect the bags in Dublin. She discovers he's now mixed up in the freedom movement, in which Molly herself becomes unwillingly embroiled in. And someone else seems to be on the trail of the missing woman, too - someone who wants to make sure Molly never finds her....

Available for the first time in trade paperback, this is the sixth in bestseller Rhys Bowen's beloved Molly Murphy series.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.00