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Andy Carpenter Novels, #12

I like to read almost every kind of novel, including mysteries and thrillers. “Hounded” by David Rosenfelt is an “Andy Carpenter” mystery, one of thirteen written by Rosenfelt. I was not familiar with Rosenfelt’s novels previously and so was interested in the book. I wondered what the connection was between the obvious reference to a dog and the picture on the cover of the book. As I discovered, the connection was a minor one.

Andy Carpenter and his girlfriend Laurie Collins are drawn into a murder mystery that involves their police detective friend, Pete Stanton. After one of Pete’s informants is killed, Andy and Laurie take charge of the dead man’s son and pooch. I was a little confused by the number of murders that kept occurring because of an investigation that Pete Stanton was involved in. The names and connections at times were mind-boggling. As in most mysteries, the one “who done it” is never the one suspected. That’s what kept me reading. Every time I thought I’d figured it out, that person turned up dead. Obviously someone had to be the “brains”.

I enjoyed this book very much. It was easy to read and kept my interest throughout.

Book Blurb for Hounded

Andy Carpenter isn’t sure what to think when he gets a mysterious phone call from a good friend, policeman Pete Stanton, asking him to drop everything, drive to an unfamiliar address, and bring his girlfriend, Laurie Collins. He certainly isn’t expecting to show up at a crime scene. But that’s exactly where he arrives—at the house where Pete has just discovered the body of ex-convict Danny Diza. Upstairs are Danny’s now orphaned four-year-old son and basset hound. And that, Andy discovers, is why he and Laurie were called to the scene—Pete wants them to take care of the boy and the dog so they won’t get thrown into the “system.” This is already asking a lot, but soon Pete needs another big favor from Andy. Pete himself has come under suspicion for Danny’s murder, and he needs defense attorney Andy to represent him…and to find out what really happened in Danny's house that day.

David Rosenfelt has done it again. Told with his characteristic humor and wit, Hounded is at once a heartfelt story about family and a page-turning legal thriller.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2014 4.00