Honor O'Flynn

A Search for the True Will of God

I chose to read “Honor O’Flynn” by James Bailey because I really enjoy reading about historical themes. I was drawn to this novel because of the title and because of the synopsis that I read before requesting this title. At first I was a little irritated by the manner of speaking which the characters used throughout the book. Then I realized that the author was trying to recreate the real life that the colonists lead, not only by the description of the clothing, the manner of transport, but also by their way of speaking. After I crossed this hurdle, I was left to enjoy reading this story. The only criticism I have of this novel is of the heroine, Honor O’Flynn. I know she wanted to go back home. I know she wanted to follow God’s imagined plan for her life. I know she did not want to wed. But I grew tired of reading about it. That seemed to be the only thing she could say. I did see that her immaturity in the beginning of the story gave way to her becoming a warm, compassionate companion for William. It seems that the story is about Honor’s growing up. I would recommend this as an interesting study of the early colonists in Maryland.

Book Blurb for Honor O'Flynn

Set in 1700, Honor O’Flynn is a coming of age story about a fourteen year old girl who is kidnapped in Ireland and brought to Maryland to be sold as a bride. She thinks her life is settled and God’s will is for her to be a Catholic Nun and teach in her small village. She only wants to remain chaste and return home. She meets William Logsdon, a good Anglican, who buys her contract and agrees to help, but later fell in love with her. Honor makes many mistakes as she struggles with her goals, God, and William. After William is nearly killed, she learns the true will of God. Editor, Petra Bailey Cover Design, Christian Kapahnke

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 3.50