Father Christmas

I usually do not like regency romance novels, but this one was delicious! I hated to put the book down, but I had to at work. I was definitely interested from one page to the next and looked forward to reading this book. I was so glad there were no explicit sex scenes and language throughout the book. It was just a very nice, tasteful romance story of the period. I was rooting for the duke from the first and was very pleased at the outcome.

Book Blurb for Father Christmas

A war hero's widow, Graceanne still has her adorable three-year-old twin boys to love--until she receives a letter from her late husband's demanding cousin, Leland Warrington, the Duke of Ware. It seems that the duke--thirty-two years old, twice widowed, and with no forseeable plans to marry again--is in desperate need of an heir. And seeing that Graceanne has two boys, she could easily spare one. Well, couldn't she?

Graceanne is too strong a woman not to stand up to Leland's completely unreasonable expectations. When she does, she unleashes a hair-raising maternal fury that takes Leland by surprise. He also finds it all, quite frankly, magnificent. So much so that he's now entertaining thoughts of winning Graceanne's heart, as well as an heir--a romantic scheme that grows more mischievous, and more unpredictable, with each passing winter night.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.50