Christmas Stranger

I loved this book. This story gave me such a warm, cozy feeling as I read it. I love stories like this where I can curl up on the couch and read contentedly. The heroine was so lovely and her character was so creative and inventive. I loved the back and forth between Melinda and Zeke. Zeke was trying so hard not to fall in love with Melinda and to keep on with his wondering ways. It was heart-warming to read how these two finally came together. One cannot forget little Timothy. He was a central character in this novel. What a wonderfully sensitive little boy. I enjoyed his antics as much as the adults. I would recommend this book with no hesitation.

Book Blurb for Christmas Stranger

Melinda Jane Frazier, postmistress and farmer in Primrose, Missouri accepts her single state. But her solitary existence changes overnight, when strangers arrive during a blizzard. Holding Papa's old rifle, cocked and ready, and counting on help from Brownie, her overlarge Lab, she cracks the door open.

She opens her home to Zeke, a widower, and his young son, Timothy. They fill her heart with unexpected Christmas cheer. Though Zeke insists he's a drifter, moving from odd job to odd job, Melinda begins to hope he'll change. How can she bear to return to the lonely existence she knew before Zeke drifted to her door?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.50