An Amish Man of Ice Mountain

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An Amish Man of Ice Mountain

Ice Mountain, #2

The Amish Man of Ice Mountain by Kelly Long is a story of two brothers from Ice Mountain, Pennsylvania who are working on an oilrig in West Virginia. They are working there because opportunities in their hometown are not so great. The story continues as the characters struggle with their secrets, while also struggling with their faith. This book kept my interest throughout the story and it was well written. Also, the characters were well thought out and I enjoyed them.

Joseph is the older brother who carries a secret from his past that continues to weigh him down. The younger brother Edward is supposed to be saving money in order to marry his sweetheart back home. However, Edward is drinking and carousing far too much. They meet new waitresses at their boarding house, Priscilla and her young daughter Hollie. Joseph finds out that the two waitresses are living in their car in the parking lot and tries to help them.

Book Blurb for An Amish Man of Ice Mountain

Joseph King has good reasons to work an oil rig far from his beloved Ice Mountain . . . and to mind his own business. He hopes to protect his younger brother Edward from worldly influences. And maybe he can finally forget how yielding to temptation forced him to leave home in disgrace. Still, no honorable Amish man would let Priscilla Allen and her four-year-old daughter remain homeless, living out of their car. And how can he not be drawn to the feisty waitress's bravery and hidden strength . . .

Offering Priscilla a home on Ice Mountain as his wife-in-name-only gives her a place to start again. For Joseph, it's also an unexpected chance to regain his reputation and standing in the community. But Priscilla's warmth, caring, and determination to adjust to Amish society are renewing Joseph's long-buried hope. Now as his guilt and her wrenching secrets threaten the fragile trust growing between them, they will need the riskiest of miracles to put the past to rest--and fulfill a promise only love and renewed faith can bring.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.00