An Affair of Vengeance

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An Affair of Vengeance

Affair, #1

The first few sentences of “An Affair of Vengeance” by Jamie Michele were so intriguing that I just had to keep reading. At first I wasn’t sure who the bad guy was and I was afraid that Evangeline would get trapped with the wrong man.

Oliver McCrea was a spy who was trying to find Lukas Kral, a returning character from “An Affair of Deceit”, another engaging novel by Ms. Michele. Oliver and Evangeline were on the same course, but each was a member of a different intelligence group. Each had a reason for wanting to get close to Kral. Oliver’s brother had been mixed up with him before he was killed and Evangeline’s parents had died under mysterious experiences. She was certain that Kral was behind her parents’ deaths.

Ms. Michele writes very captivating novels. The action is so consistent and exciting that you can hardly put the book down to eat. I heartily recommend Ms. Michele as an author that you just HAVE to read.

Book Blurb for An Affair of Vengeance

Undercover agent Evangeline Quill knows the dangers of getting personally involved in her cases. But this one is unavoidable: someone murdered her parents, and she’s sure she knows the killer. To hunt him down, she’ll need evidence…and someone to lead her straight into the murderer’s lair. Enter handsome and elusive Oliver McCrea, a man with ties to the criminal world.

Although McCrea wears a tough outer shell, Evangeline senses something vulnerable beneath his wounded, golden gaze. He’s the one man she shouldn’t want, but she’s never been big on resisting danger. McCrea knows he should turn Evangeline away, but there’s something about her that calls to the man he used to be before the underworld disintegrated his humanity.

Evangeline is determined to draw out a killer, and McCrea’s going to stay right by her side to keep her safe. But will their passion lead to love…or death?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.00