A Time of Change

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A Time of Change

“A Time of Change” is a good murder mystery written by Aimee and David Thurlo. The story takes place in southwest New Mexico. Jo Buck is an employee of The Outpost, owned by Tom Stuart. It is located just outside the Navajo reservation. Jo goes in early one morning at the request of her boss, Tom. She finds him dead in his home. The police come to investigate and call his death a suicide. However, Jo isn’t buying that. Tom’s son, Ben, is granted an emergency leave from the Army to come home for his father’s funeral. He doesn’t accept the suicide cause of death either. Detective Katie Wells doesn’t seem to be investigating Tom’s death very vigorously which is not normal procedure. After being threatened, robbed at the trading post, and having an intruder in her home during the night, Jo finds herself a target. Because the police do not seem to be doing their job, it falls to Jo and Ben to do a little investigating. Things become more and more dangerous for all concerned and the mystery builds right up to the end of the novel.

I enjoyed reading this book because it was a thrilling mystery. I recommend it highly.

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Book Blurb for A Time of Change

A Time of Change is a perfect example of the Thurlos's ability to combine passion with tension as they introduce readers to Josephine Buck and other employees at a New Mexico trading post. When The Outpost's owner dies, Josephine, a young Navajo woman, is shocked to discover that Tom Stuart, whom she thought of as a surrogate father, has left her the business.

Ben Stuart and his dad had had problems, but military service changed Ben for the better and put the two men back in each other's lives. His father's sudden death ends any possibility of a true reconciliation and leaves Ben fuming at being disinherited.

Suspecting that Jo had an affair with his father, Ben is determined to get control of the trading post. Jo's hataalii training shows her that Ben is wounded in both body and soul, and she becomes determined to help him.

As Jo and Ben move toward a deeper understanding of each other, they learn that Tom Stuart was murdered and that the trading post at the center of their lives holds many secrets.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.00