A Texas Ranger's Christmas

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A Texas Ranger's Christmas

Men of the West, American #1377

After reading the first few paragraphs, I knew I would enjoy the book. The beginning really drew me into the story. I was not disappointed. The hero and heroine were very well defined and the interaction between them was very believable. The story line was also believable and held my interest throughout the book. I know that authors are sometimes limited in number of words or pages depending on the genre, and for that reason I was a little disappointed in this book. I would have liked to have seen some of the secondary story lines fleshed out a bit. I was left wondering about what I was missing and wanting more of those aspects of the story.

Even though I would have liked for the story lines to be expanded, I thoroughly enjoyed the book as written. I was very sympathetic with both Caige and Blaire and their personal problems. Caige's son Josh became important to me because of his tragic accident and because I so wanted Blaire to become important to him. Caige went undercover to determine Blaire's involvement in her husband's disappearance, and still ran his investigation of Blaire and Nate in his role as a TexasRanger. This became a bit confusing to me at times. I DID enjoy the book very much and was comforted by the ending.

Book Blurb for A Texas Ranger's Christmas

Life can get complicated for a single father working undercover. No one knows that better than Caige Dawson, currently posing as an employee of the Texas Forest Service. He's there to investigate a fellow forester with a missing husband, and to determine whether she's a suspect.

Five years ago, Blaire Farley's world imploded. But ever since she met Caige and his sweet, lovable eight-year-old son-the survivor of a tragic accident-she's ready to start reclaiming her life. And the first order of business is giving Josh the best Christmas any little boy ever had.

Blaire may be a person of interest, but Caige believes in her innocence. His code of honor prevents him from getting too close until he can come clean about his identity. But he needs Blaire's help to solve the case. He only hopes it will give her the closure she needs-and the future all three of them deserve.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.75