A Fickle Wind

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A Fickle Wind

Elizabeth Bourne was a child during the London Blitz and World War II. After the armistice, England was still reeling from the effects of the war. There were still ration cards. Commodities were scarce because production ceased in favor of wartime factory output. Elizabeth and her mother were not close. Elizabeth could not please her mother and because of that developed a high level of strength and determination to accomplish something in life. She married and she and her husband decided to emigrate to Canada in order to take advantage of more of life’s opportunities than were available in England at that time.

“A Fickle Wind” is a very readable autobiographical story of Ms. Bourne’s life. I am normally not a fan of autobiographies or biographies for that matter, but this book kept my page-turning interest throughout. It also gives a real glimpse of what it was like for the British after the war when things should have been better. It just shows that war takes a long time to overcome. The damage to the infrastructure, economy and life itself is almost insurmountable. This book tells the story of how one person decided to have a better life.

Book Blurb for A Fickle Wind

A rags to riches story, chronicled initially through the eyes of a child born into war-torn Britain who refused to accept that the lackluster life she knew would be all she could possibly expect. The escape route was via Canada, where the impossible seemed possible and her hopes were nourished and thrived. These were the transitional years, so different from the England into which she had been born, and preparing her for what was to come-a life well lived, in the miracle called America. A page-turning journey with strong characters strewn with joy, sorrow, laughter and tears; a first novel that is compelling to the last sentence. Inspirational: when you don't know where to turn and difficult challenges are blown in by a fickle wind, hold on for dear life and you will weather the storm. You will awaken one morning to an azure, cloudless sky, and a zephyr will gently stir the leaves and open your heart to a new beginning.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 4.00