A Beautiful Cage

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A Beautiful Cage

I have just finished reading A Beautiful Cage by Alyson Reuben. This book was impossible to put down. The story was full of mystery and intrigue. It begins in Berlin in 1934. Hitler has come into power and is systematically ridding Germany of Jews and all things Jewish. Our heroine, Rebecca, is a young Jewish girl who has lost her father, mother, brothers and her first love. She is trying to find a safe haven in the midst of the disorder and chaos prevalent in pre-war Berlin at that time. During an assault by thugs, she is rescued by young Gustav, a gentile Berliner. He takes her to his boyhood home which he shares with his grandmother, Bertie. Bertie is an elderly woman with much compassion and love. She insists that they hide this young girl in their home, which has been built with many secret rooms and passages. She feels that she and Gustav can keep Rebecca safe in the midst of the racist activities plaguing the country of Germany.

Gustav is a journalist working for a pro-Nazi newspaper, but secretly helping the English government by decoding and recoding messages between Berlin and an anti-Nazi organization. He lives a life of secrecy and stealth. He is determined not to fall in love with Rebecca and goes to great lengths to keep his distance. The treasonous activity in which he is involved results in mistrust of lifelong friends, the murders of acquaintances and a fear the he will bring harm to his grandmother and Rebecca.

Rebecca is a young woman who has seen too many atrocities in her young life. She has lost her family, close friends and the one young man to whom she was engaged. She has to hide out, for to be discovered would mean her deportation to a concentration camp or her torture and murder. She must trust Gustav and Bertie to keep her safe. She is determined not to be romantically linked to Gustav or any other man. Her one hope is to find her father and brothers and go back to leading a normal life, however distant that time may be.

Eventually Gustav and Rebecca succumb to the passion that smolders between them and with the blessing of Bertie. These are perilous times and all activities are fraught with danger. All are suspect and no one is above suspicion.

The journey for Rebecca and Gustav to be able to have a life together provides a gripping and suspenseful story line. I loved this book. I thought the story kept my interest because of the suspense and intrigue among the characters in the novel. Friends are pitted against friends, brother against brother, no one is safe. I found this novel to be one of the most interesting and compelling reads I've found in a long time. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in history, especially the history of the world during the Nazi regime. I am so glad I read it and will probably purchase it for my own personal library.

Book Blurb for A Beautiful Cage

Wanted by the Gestapo, Rebecca Bloomberg is on the run for her life. Sheltering in the home of a reporter who writes absurd lies for a Nazi propaganda newspaper is hardly an ideal solution. Irresistibly drawn to the man, she dares not trust him, until she discovers his journalist position is a mask for involvement in an anti-Nazi resistance ring. Gustav Von Furst has done all he can to perfect his mask. Neither his family nor his close friends know the truth. Hiding a Jewish girl is the most foolish risk, yet there is something about her that makes him want to protect her. Eager to forget the outside world, Rebecca and Gustav are caught up in a private world of forbidden passion-until unexpected danger lands on their doorstep and they're faced with a decision that will change everything. Will love demand a sacrifice too great to give?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 5.00