Diamond Heart

Western Escape

This is a book worth reading more than once. We start out with Rowan trying to get into her hotel room after she is robbed. A nice young man Marcel comes out of nowhere and tries to help Rowan. She doesn’t know what to think of the stranger and is shocked when they kiss. The same day she goes to dinner with Marcel all the while she has to figure out how to get enough money to get to San Francisco to her sister. When she tries to sell her engagement ring from her ex finance things take a nasty turn. What will happen if Rowan cannot get to her sister? What of Marcel?

The characters were well developed. Marcel and Rowan work together and mesh into something more than just friends like they thought. The setting was remarkable between Kansas City and Wyoming. From the descriptions you felt you were right beside the characters.

The writing style was easy flowing and nice to relax into. The characters have a way of pulling the reader into the story. You get a fast page turner as you want to know what will happen to Rowan and Marcel.

There are some funny moments and you even catch yourself laughing out loud. Diamond Heart is a good fasted paced read you will fall in love with.

Book Blurb for Diamond Heart

After catching her no good cheat'n rat bastard ex-fiancé in bed with her best friend, Rowan Belmont leaves the mills and factories of the Midwest to move nearer her sister in San Francisco. After being robbed in Kansas City, she loses the money to complete her journey and she tries to pawn her engagement ring, only to find out that it‘s fake. Alone, broke, and on the edge of giving up, Rowan hopes for a miracle.

Marcel Champlain can't get the beautiful woman he met at the Kansas City hotel out of his mind. When she turns up at his family’s jewelry store he knows that God has brought them together. He makes Rowan a job offer: Go with him to Freewill, Wyoming to open a new jewelry store and pose as his wife.

With only three months to convince Rowan that she should become his wife in truth, Marcel intends to show Rowan that no other man on earth will ever love her as much as he does. Their time together may be cut short by when it seems like fate will take Marcel from Rowan all too soon and leave her once again alone in the world.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.50