So Tough to Tame

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So Tough to Tame

Deemed guilty by association, Charlie Allington was forced to leave her last job because her boss was arrested for embezzlement. A job offer as a security consultant at a ski resort in her hometown was a life saver - but definitely not a dream job. The only thing dreamy about going home is the hot boy (now sexy man) she had an unrequited crush on in high school, Walker Pearce.

I have been a long time Victoria Dahl fan and have spent many hours absorbed in her books. She has a way of making her characters feel real and the dialogue and pace of the books just click with me. I'm not sure what it was about these particular story/characters, but I just couldn't focus on the story as much as I would have liked too. Charlie is so caught up with drama – drama of her job and her crazy, jealous boss, of her prior job and married-but-I-didn’t-know-it-boyfriend and of her wild girl days. All of us have a past, but the most important part of our past is that we learn from it and leave it there. She begins by treating Walker like a one night stand unconcerned that he might have actual feelings and not just be a blow up boyfriend. She's so anti-romance/relationship/marriage because of her upbringing I'm not ever sure that they'll have a conventional HEA. Whereas Walker is tired of being treated like a gigolo/Don Juan/easy-lay-but-not-relationship-material even though he seems to have dated/slept with half the women in town. He's being almost stalked by his ex-boss's wife because she's "lonely and he's cheating on her and it just started out as talking but could have led to more until we were almost interrupted". He also doesn’t have a steady job, just lines up things to pass time. I just could not get emotionally attached to these characters. I made myself finish the novel hoping that there was going to be a huge emotional “a-ha” moment (it was more like a forced hiccup) and everything would be neatly wrapped up….not so much.

Book Blurb for So Tough to Tame

Tough to tame, but not too tough to love… 

Charlie Allington is supposed to be on the fast track to the top—a small-town girl who was making it big in her career. Instead, she's reeling from a scandal that's pretty much burned all her bridges. Now, out of options, she needs a place to lick her wounds and figure out her future. True, working at a ski resort in rugged Jackson Hole, Wyoming, isn't her dream job. But if there's one perk to coming back, it's a certain sexy hometown boy who knows how to make a girl feel welcome.

Cowboy Walker Pearce never expected a grown-up Charlie to be temptation in tight jeans. She's smart and successful—way out of league for a man like him. But he's not about to let that, or his secrets, get in the way of their blazing-hot attraction. Yet when passion turns to something more, will the truth—about both of them—send her out of his life for good…or into his arms forever?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 3.00