When You Least Expect It

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When You Least Expect It

India and Jeremy Halloway want nothing more than a family, but after years of unsuccessful infertility treatments it seems like that their dream will never be fulfilled. When they begin to seriously consider adoption, however, their dream is revitalized. When a Lainey Walker enters their lives seeking to adopt out her child appears only days later, the happy couple suddenly finds themselves on their way to having the lives they want.

The Halloways stop for only a heartbeat before inviting Lainey into their homes. Over the months of the pregnancy, the three adults help one another overcome their fears and worries and find what they truly want out of life. Life is so pleasant, in fact, that it seems that the Halloways should expect a family of four and not just three. But when Lainey commits the ultimate betrayal, will they be able to move on?

Gaskell’s novel depicts the fear and heartbreak that accompanies infertility with an emotional adeptness that few other authors could produce. Obvious, too, is the author’s familiarity with the West Palm Beach area, the book’s setting. These two positive elements, however, do little to save a basic plot filled with unfortunate clichés. When You Least Expect engages the reader for a little time, but isn’t exciting enough to be truly engaging. 

Book Blurb for When You Least Expect It

From the celebrated author of Good Luck and Mommy Tracked, a funny and touching novel about the call to motherhood, the complexities of adoption, and the promise and peril of parenthood 
India and Jeremy Halloway are happily married, have creative careers, and live in a remodeled bohemian cottage in a historic West Palm Beach neighborhood. The only thing missing from their charmed life is the baby they both desperately want. After two years of failed fertility treatments, they are cash-strapped and no closer to parenthood.  That’s when they decide it’s time to look into adoption. 
Lainey Walker’s unexpected pregnancy threatens to derail her dream of moving to Los Angeles and becoming a reality-TV star. She also finds herself homeless and alone when her unsupportive gym-rat boyfriend kicks her out of their apartment.
When the Halloways and Lainey are matched up through an adoption agency, India proposes an unorthodox solution that just might solve all their problems. But as these three are about to discover, a baby changes everything.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 2.50