The Dark Earl

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The Dark Earl

Entertaining, funny and catchy, The Dark Earl makes for one well-spent evening. Henley's ability to develop interesting characters possessing undeniable spunk despite the constrictions of the Victorian Period is particularly fascinating. In fact, that is the best aspect of the book. The plot is somewhat ordinary, but that does not make the novel any less interesting. Overall, it's a good read that you won't mind having on your bookshelf.

Harriet Hamilton loves architecture. When her parents take her to an auction at a famous estate, she can't help but explore the interior of the gorgeous mansion. While investigating a particularly interesting room, however, she encounters none other than the property's resident, Thomas Anson. After a quick spar, the two separate ways, hoping to never see the other every again.

Thomas had reason for his spiteful words: the loss of his home and possessions, not to mention his inheritance, due to his father's gambling is difficult for him to handle, to say the least. The only thing that keeps Thomas from the brink of all-out anger is his vow to restore his family's home to its previous grandeur.

Years later, Harriet and Thomas once again meet. She, a debutante, and he, an Earl focused on repairing his family's wealth and name, are a very unlikely match. Nevertheless, Thomas appreciates Harriet's wit and intelligence and Harriet appreciates the fact that Thomas treats her like an equal. Their connection is undeniable, but Thomas' true intentions remain a mystery. Does he want Harriet solely for her money?

Re-Issued Review - Originally reviewed on Aug 08, 2011. Out in mass market size 8/7/2012.

Book Blurb for The Dark Earl

A sensual new Victorian romance from the New York Times bestselling author of The Irish Duke.

When Lady Harriet Hamilton and Viscount Thomas meet, Thomas finds her outspoken, and yet, quite a beauty. But Thomas is committed to restoring the family holdings, not chasing a wife. If only Harry wasn't making herself right at home...

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 3.75