The Bluebonnet Caf‚

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The Bluebonnet Caf‚

Wayback, Texas Series - all can stand alone

Opening with a bang, literally that of an opening door and cowboy boots hitting the floor, The Bluebonnet Café follows Avery Livingston and Will Steele as they reconnect after Will’s two-year absence. When he left two years ago, Will stole Avery’s heart; fortunately, she’s healed and moved on; or at least that’s what she wants to the world to believe. Now, her entire self is focused on saving The Bluebonnet. When Will walks through the door, then, she is anything but prepared.

Will recognizes the mistake he made when leaving, particularly when leaving Avery, and is back for good. But can he prove that to everyone? Can he prove that to Avery?

A sweet, loveable story, The Bluebonnet Café, is portrays true Texas love in true Texas style. Avery and Will are realistic characters facing the results of their previous actions and trying to change their current lives. One of the most impressive things about Borel’s story is her almost-perfect use of the Texas accent. Through the story’s diction, readers cannot help but feel as though literally standing in a small Texas town. Borel’s book is one that is sure to make every reader smile.

Book Blurb for The Bluebonnet Caf‚

Contemporary cowboy Yellow Miniature

Rating: sensual

Page Count: 75

A small cowbell tinkles above the dining room door of the financially struggling Bluebonnet Café. The sound of a lone pair of cowboy boots rings out against the wooden floor. Confusion, anger, and attraction twist together within Avery Livingston, as she comes face to face with Will Steele. A year ago, without a word, this man left Wayback, leaving her love for him to wither away in a trail of dust. Now he's returned to seek her forgiveness, but doubt holds her back. Can he be trusted? Or will he ride away again, disappearing with the rodeo crowd at the end of the season? Can a cowboy auction at the Blue Bug Saloon save the café and rope this cowgirl's heart once more?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 3.50