Something Old, Something New

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Something Old, Something New

A Blessings Novel

Small towns are a blessing - and sometimes also a curse. Not a curse in the voice-trilling witch type of way, but rather in the way that everyone knows everything and isn't afraid to share their knowledge with those unfortunate enough to not know the latest news.

Something Old, Something New tells the tale of two lovers, Lily and Trent, on the verge of their wedding and who just can't seem to get the town out of their business. It's not that Lily and Trent dislike the town's involvement; it's just that it makes everything so much more difficult. Add to that the need to join their families together and run their daily lives, and Lily and Trent find themselves on the edge of collapse.

Jenkin's novel is a delightfully fun and lighthearted tale of life in a small town and how living in one affects the biggest events of the inhabitants lives. Within a few short pages (336, to be exact), Jenkins manages to establish and develop an entire town and the lives of its inhabitants. Moreover, she manages to make each character's personality and interests diverse enough to make them seem real. Readers will be hard-pressed to not want to visit Henry Adams.

Something Old, Something New is a quiet, enjoyable read that is perfect for a sunny or rainy afternoon? Why is this the case? Because it's impossible to not enjoy any day of which such a caring and uplifting novel is part.

Book Blurb for Something Old, Something New

The citizens of Henry Adams are starting to take bets—will Lily Fontaine and Trent July finally tie the knot?

All they want is a nice, simple wedding, but their well-meaning neighbors are turning the no-fuss affair into the event of the decade. Bernadine, the town's fairy godmother, wants Lily to have a storybook wedding fit for a princess, and Lily's nine-year-old foster son is campaigning to be town preacher so he can officiate at the ceremony. Trouble multiplies when Trent is called on to help a new family move to town, not to mention Lily and Trent's task of blending their families together.

With the bustle of the tight-knit, and often tightly wound, friends and family pushing them to the breaking point, the couple begins to wish they'd eloped. But, as they'll soon be reminded, happiness in Henry Adams is meant to be shared.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.00