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Set in the terrifying months prior to the outbreak of WWII, Kindertransport follows a moral and loving nurse as she attempts to make sense of the Nazi regime. After watching the SS arrest several friends and in fear of succumbing to the same fate, Erika voluntarily leaves her hospital job and assumes one in a countryside castle. Her task is to care for handicapped children – the very children whom the Reich has identified as undesirable.

Struggling to keep herself, her family and her loved ones, including the children under her care, safe, Erika stumbles upon the Reich’s plan to euthanize all children with disabilities. She watches as her castle and her country fall under the spell of the Nazis, and swiftly realizes she has nowhere to turn.

Except to Rikard. After meeting in her priest’s office, Erika and Rikard embark upon a stormy romance that only turns more tumultuous as the Reich laws take away more and more personal freedoms. Once Rikard realizes Erika’s determination to save the disabled children from euthanasia, he quickly jumps on board. But is Rikard truly to be trusted? And can Erika and the children survive the Nazis?

Kindtertransport is an engaging novel that focuses on a little discussed piece of history: German citizen resistance to the Nazi regime. Wonderfully detailed, Childers provides readers with a view of what it meant to be German immediately prior to the beginning of war. The children and the Reich’s intent for their lives will touch even the most unsympathetic hearts.

Book Blurb for Kindertransport

Rating: Spicy Page Count: 252
Nurse Erika Lehmier cares for the children housed at Grafeneck Castle as though they were her own. When the confiscates Grafeneck, Erika discovers plans to turn the castle into a treatment center that will end the lives of children with disabilities.
One of her children, Heidi, has no visible handicap, and thereby has a small chance to escape the Nazi destruction, but for the rest, Erika must find a way to escape—or face the heartbreaking decision to give them a peaceful death by her own hand.
Will she find a way out?

Can she trust Rickard, when he wears an SS uniform?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.00