Heart of Vengeance

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Heart of Vengeance

Jewels of Tomorrow

To Isobel, the courtiers in King Richard’s court are nothing more than selfish simpletons. Her path was a righteous one dedicated to bringing justice and peace to a land she barely knew.

To the other courtiers, Isobel is nothing more than a pretty girl seeking a husband in King Richard’s court. What they don’t know is that Isobel entered court for one specific purpose, the same purpose to which she dedicated herself over a year ago and which finally led her to where she now stands…under a very different name than her own.

Stephen, Count of Dinan, sees right through Isobel’s lie. A veritable outcast from court, Stephen views Isobel with some interest before walking away. Little does he know what waits ahead.

Heart of Vengeance is historical romance at its best. With perfect amounts of suspense, intrigue and passion the novel is simply impossible to put down. What is most amazing about the novel is the sheer amount of character movement and action. Each event, trip, sequence and time period are fully developed and contain mini stories in and of themselves. The middle of the novel presents a twist so well-developed that it just may cause the reader to sit up straight in shock. Posey’s plot, character development and historical accuracy are incredible skills not to be overlooked. The author has absolutely gained one dedicated fan through this book who simply cannot wait to read what else she has gifted the reading world.

Re-Issued Review from 2010-08-16. Book has been re-released with a new cover.

Book Blurb for Heart of Vengeance

A woman in search of revenge.... An honorable man with a dark past.

It is 1197, and King Richard, known as the "Lionhearted," is fighting France while Prince John hatches his own plans back home.

To find her father's killer, Helena of York must pose as a Norman in the great halls of Richard's England. Her only desire is to kill the man who destroyed her father and her future. Should she be unmasked, her life will be forfeit.

Stephen, Count of Dinan, once Richard's friend and trusted knight, is outcast for reasons shrouded in mystery. Known as the "Black Baron," he is friendless in a glittering world he despises. His only goal is to restore his honor and once again serve his king.

Stephen's suspicions draw him into Helena's web of deceit, and the two outsiders find themselves tangled in a conspiracy that threatens the throne of England itself, while their embattled hearts grapple with a far greater challenge.

Heart of Vengeance is part of the Jewels of Tomorrow series.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 5.00